Mediation for Corporates

Mediation For Corporates

This Mediation platform aims to highlight the importance of mediation in resolving corporate disputes. Every time you initiate a transaction, negotiate a deal, sign a contract, the likely hood of a dispute is there. It is invaluable to have the knowledge and skill to resolve disputes amicably without resorting to litigation or arbitration.

Mediating Commercial Disputes normally involves a monetary settlement which compensates the aggrieved parties but more importantly it will allow the parties to maintain a working relationship which is essential in business.

Our Mediation courses are designed to help corporate executives to navigate the mediation process and provide a road map for you to understand the general principles of Mediation, its benefits and at times its drawbacks and how to use it effectively.

This Mediation platform will also provide valuable mediation courses for in-person and virtual mediation , with updates that will enhance your mediation skills.

Online courses
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Company executives will learn how mediation can save time, money and management resources and enhance better management and corporate governance.

Our Mediation Experts will provide you with a Mediation Guidebook with all you need to know on this subject.

See our Video on Mediation with world renowned mediators Judge Daniel Weinstein, Judge Westerfield from the USA, Tat Lim from Singapore, Jonathan Lux from the UK and Primila Edward the Past President of the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association